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Buy channel subscribers for any YouTube channel or YouTubeVEVO channel for real and permanent followers, with free video views and engagement included in every package. We are the world’s leading viral video marketing agency, Video Views International.

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Why Buy Channel Subscribers?

The simple fact is human beings are attracted to what already looks attractive. Often called the “sheep factor” or “The Jones Theory”, people jump on board if there are already others on board.

This is why people buy channel subscribers, to get some momentum going.

Unfortunately, the reality is you need a following in order to build a following!

buy channel subscribers

If you buy channel subscribers for your YouTube or YouTubeVEVO channel, you are showing your audience that you’re serious about what you’re doing.

Viewers can see evidence that you know how to attract a crowd.

You are worth following because it looks like you are here to stay and your channel is going somewhere.

Whether you’re looking to increase YouTube channel subscribers, or get more YouTube viewers to notice and follow your YouTubeVEVO content, be sure to buy channel subscribers from us, the number on viral video agency in the world.

With your subscriber numbers guaranteed for life, you know you’ll get your money’s worth.

buy channel subscribers

We are the longest-running provider of genuine viral video and audience engagement on social media. Welcome to V.V.i!

Buy Channel Subscribers FAQs

How do I buy channel subscribers?

To buy YouTube subscribers simply choose your preferred package and the quantity of packages, and in the Checkout we provide you with a text box in which you paste the link to your YouTube or YouTubeVEVO channel.

Assuming you want the bonus free views/likes/comments included with the package, then you’ll also provide us with the link/s to the relevant video/s that you would like us to focus the exposure on.

NOTE: If you only provide the link to your YouTube or YouTubeVEVO video, we will be able to find the channel link on our own – a video link is enough to put us to work.

If I continue to buy channel subscribers, when will the channel start getting YouTube subscribers naturally without promotional boosting?

This point is debatable – the onset of strong organic ‘promo-free’ results can and will vary – but we have noticed that several of our clients’ channels have begun gaining a good number of subscribers on a daily basis once the channel has reached the 30,000 mark.

NOTE: This is certainly not to say that you need to buy 30k YouTube subscribers in order to see organic promotion-free results.

The answer we are providing here is the point at which we have noticed a channel no longer requires boosting or any promotional investment in order for the channel to grow strongly.

In our experience, channels that reach 30k subscribers are favoured by the ranking system ‘algorithms’ and thus placed by YouTube to receive ongoing exposure naturally, therefore such channels no longer require our services in order to grow.

NOTE ALSO: This is not to say that natural growth will be strong if the channel has no videos uploaded, or has poor content quality, badly titled or badly optimised videos.

For more information on making sure your videos and channel remain are fully optimised, see our article on How To Increase YouTube Views Free here.

If I buy channel subscribers, how many views will I get?

With our 250 Subscribers package you will have 2,500 views to assign to your video/s.

NOTE: there is a minimum requirement that you assign at least 1,000 to a YouTube video, no less than 1k views is possible.

The size of the views/likes/comments campaigns on your video/s increases with package size, all the way up to 100,000 views with our 10K Subscribers package.

How soon will you guys start work after I buy channel subscribers?

Most often you will see results on your YouTube channel within a couple of hours, but sometimes it may be a few hours more – that’s pretty quick though right?!

Can I also buy Instagram followers?

We generate Instagram followers as part of our buy Instagram video views service, included with every Instagram views package, and we also have an Instagram Monthly Subscription service which gets you thousands of new Instagram followers every month you participate.

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Permanent Subs

The channel subscribers we bring on board will stay with your channel. Permanently. We don’t just over-deliver, we guarantee for life!
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Safe Views

Guaranteed quality views ensure your videos achieve strong ranking results on YouTube. We are considered the best in the viral business for several reasons – this is one.
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Real Engagement

Our high-engagement communities on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram means real people connecting with your content. Quality western audiences across 14 categories for quality likes, comments etc.
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